Tights That Don't Have Good Elasticity Will Constrain The Activity Of The Thorax

Women's tights have become a fashion, because of its high elasticity, can highlight the curvaceous beauty, so that women who love slim are eagerly awaited. However, tights have a certain damage to human health. Most of the tights are made of high-elastic Hong fiber fabric, which is poor in breathability and moisture absorption. It is tightly stretched on the body, causing poor pores and perspiration, causing feelings of sultry discomfort. Especially in the hot summer, the perspiration is not smooth, the sweat will infiltrate the stratum corneum, the aging stratum corneum adheres to the air and the dust adheres to the skin, which is easy to block the pores, so that the sweat can not be discharged smoothly and deposited in the sweat tube. Produces lice, or causes skin irritation. At the same time, due to itching and scratching, bacteria hidden in the nails and skin surface, such as staphylococcus, invade the pores, causing skin infection and purulent, causing small scorpions, pustules and the like.

In addition, tight-fitting tights can restrain the activity of the thorax and hinder breathing. In the hot season, wearing tights is prone to chest tightness, shortness of breath, heat stroke and other symptoms. If children and adolescents wear tights, the harm is even greater, and even affect the development of the children's thorax, causing deformity of the thorax. Pregnant women wearing tights can cause greater harm, not only affect their own health, but also adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus.

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