Rugby Venue Layout

The rugby competition venue is a 100-meter-long, 70-meter-wide rectangular grass. The two long sides of the course are the side lines, and the two short sides are the touch line. Behind the touch line is a 10-22-meter deep touch zone, the bottom line of which is the Dead ball line. There is a goal in the center of the line of the line, the doorposts are 5.6 meters apart, and there is a crossbar at a height of 3 meters.

There is a middle line between the center of the site and the parallel lines of the two ends. The two sides are dotted with a dotted line at 10 meters from the center line. There is also a dotted line at the distance of 5 meters from the line of the line. There is a picture at the 22 meters from the line of the line. In solid lines, the number "22" is sometimes indicated for identification. Draw a dotted line at each side of the line at a distance of 5 meters from each side, and draw a few short solid lines at a distance of 15 meters from the side line.

Rugby, a type of ball sport, is popular in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States, France, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Canada and Italy. Originated in the British Rugby in 1823, formerly known as Rugby football, referred to as Rugby.

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