Rugby Is Developing Late In Asia

- Aug 09, 2018-

In 1900, former Olympic Committee President Coubertin introduced rugby to the Olympics. In the 1900 London Olympics, the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games, and the 1924 Paris Olympics, rugby was an official event. In the four-time Olympic football game, the US team won two championships, and the French team and the Australian team each won a championship. After the resignation of Coubertin in 1925, De Mayer Latour served as the chairman of the Olympic Committee. Since then, the group competition has been restricted in the Olympic Committee and football has been cancelled from the Olympic Games.

In 1987, the International Rugby Board held the first World Cup Men's Rugby Championship. In 1991, the first World Women's Rugby Championship was held. Since then, countries have exchanged ideas, learned from each other, and rapidly improved their skills and tactics in rugby skills. Rugby is popular all over the world for its unique charm.

Rugby has developed late in Asia and its audience is small. The author analyzes the reasons as follows: 1. The requirements for the venue are high; 2. The purchasing power of the equipment is high; 3. The risk factor is high, and the Asians are vulnerable to injury; 4. The number of participants compared to basketball and football. Less; 5, not immediacy.