Put On Tight, Elastic Clothes To Reduce The Belly

People want to get enough exercise in all parts of the body. However, when obese people exercise, they often suffer from the shaking of the belly, the friction between the thighs, and the bouncing of the chest. Researchers at the University of Colorado's Center for Health Sciences have found that these conditions can cause obese people to change their gait and become more susceptible to injury or joint disease.

The researchers compared the biomechanical status of 20 adults on foot and found that when the obese person landed on both feet, the width between the legs was greater than that of normal weight. The wide step is used to maintain balance while standing to support the wider abdomen and back while reducing friction between the thighs. But this stride shifts the force of exercise to the inside of the knee, making people more susceptible to arthritis.

Fitness coach Brian said wearing tight, elastic clothes can reduce the need for the belly, thighs and buttocks to tremble. Wear tights that minimize muscle bounce during exercise. In addition, the choice of water sports can also reduce unnecessary bouncing.

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