Lacrosse Features

Netball is claimed to be the fastest ball sport in the world. It is a game that uses a net to control the ball and looks like a child. However, this team competition combining football, basketball and hockey ice hockey is on the spot. At the same time, when the team members are fast attacking and defending, the net baseball is a very fast ball speed due to the principle of leverage. It is very important to coordinate the athletes' hands and feet, basic skills and Teamwork, and the men's game includes more intense physical confrontation in American football games. This kind of sport with collective energy, speed and technology is certainly not as attractive as any advanced sport.

Since there were no rules of the game at the time, the two sides of the competition were relatively rough, and they often carried out personal attacks on their opponents. At the time, there were no perfect safety equipment, such as protective gear and shoes, so they were in the extremely fast net baseball game. No safety at all, injuries are more common, and sometimes even people die, so the game was named after the brutal and brutal.

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