Hockey Is An Ancient Sport

Hockey is an ancient sport and a ball sport that is widely practiced internationally. It has been thousands of years since. The name of the ancient hockey pioneer is very famous, although it can not be verified, but it can be sure that the Asian people of China, Persia and India loved it 3,000 years ago. According to the book "Hockey Sport" published by the Berlin Sports Publishing House in 1981, it is known that Chinese soldiers used to play with sticks and balls 2697 years ago.

The earliest "research" can be traced back to 2000 BC. On the murals of the twenty-sixth tombs discovered by Beny Hasson in the Nile Valley of Egypt, two people standing opposite each other and holding curved wooden sticks overlap each other, which is probably the predecessor of modern hockey. Another "evidence" is an ancient ruin excavated on the Athens coast breakwater in 1922. A relief carved on the sloping wall depicts six players playing a hockey-like game. In the embossing, four people stand by the stick, and the two central players seem to play hockey, which is very similar to the modern hockey.

Historians believe that hockey has emerged in ancient civilizations in many countries. There are also historical records in countries such as China, India, and Persia. According to the inference, ancient humans used to hit or roll balls with branches and sticks to celebrate the triumph; or throw a stone to a fixed target, or use a stick to tease the round stone to entertain. These activities have evolved into hockey after a long period of evolution and continuous improvement.

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