Hockey Ground Is A Green Artificial Grass Field

- Aug 09, 2018-

The hockey field is a green artificial grass field with a length and width of 91.4 meters (100 yards) and 55 meters (60 yards) respectively. The long side and the wide side are called edge lines and end lines, respectively; there is a goal in the middle of each end line. The main marking lines in the field are: shooting arc, 22.9 meter line (25 yard line), center line, penalty point and so on.

Accidents and injuries

a. If the ball is interrupted due to an accident in the game and the ball will advance if it is assumed that no accident has occurred, the goal should be valid;

b. If the athlete is unable to continue the game due to injury, the referee may suspend the match;

c. Unless it is impossible to do so for medical reasons, an injured or bleeding athlete should leave the venue and receive treatment as soon as possible while ensuring safety;

d. Injured athletes can return to the venue after the wound has been bandaged; athletes wearing blood-stained clothing must not stay or enter the venue;

e. If the referee is unable to enforce the law due to injury, the game shall be suspended. If the lawsuit cannot be continued due to injury, it shall be replaced by the substitute referee;

f. The game shall be resumed by means of a scrimmage, a corresponding penalty or a kick-off in the midfield.