Baseball Venue Regulations

The course of the baseball game is a right-angled fan with four bases. The home plate is made of rubber, soft plastic and wood. It is required to be fixed on the ground and level with the ground. The 1, 2, and 3 barriers are 38.10 cm square. They are sewn with canvas and contain soft objects such as brown and wool. They should be fixed on the field according to regulations. The bat is made of wood or aluminum, and the ball is sewn with a bright line. Defensive players should wear gloves. Mittens and 1st baseman can wear mittens. The catcher should have a mask, a chest protector, and a leg protector. The batter should wear a protective cap. The sneakers are made of leather, and each of the front and rear palms has three flat nails.

Under the blue sky, the green grass, put down the burden of work, give yourself to your team, your teammates are your usual colleagues, in a fun baseball game, you can feel the trust The importance of tolerance and encouragement, everyone in baseball has the opportunity to be a master, and to have their own positioning and your judgment on the overall situation. In the fierce competitive confrontation, when you are running, when you motivate the players, when you discuss tactics with everyone, in fact, you are creating a miracle that belongs to you.

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