Wearing tights

- Aug 09, 2018-

Roll up the leg of the tights like a long stocking, and wear a leg first. Then pull up on your legs, pull your hands and let go, tight tights. The overlapping trouser legs in the handles are gradually stretched out, and the edges are adjusted while being stretched so that there is no wrinkle in the worn place. To follow the edge of the suture, place this suture in the middle of the inside of the leg. Then wear the other leg in the same way. A bit like ballet tights, tightly wrapped around the feet and legs. Then pull the tights all the way to the chest, leaving a masked hat and sleeves and gloves on the outside. Next, roll up the left sleeve, insert the handle into the glove, carefully adjust the inside of the finger, and then pull the sleeve up to the shoulder. Adjust the suture of your shoulders near your shoulder joint. Then pull the tights back and put the shoulders all the way into the tights. Repeat the other side and lift the hat up slightly. Put the head into the tights and put the handle back to the back. At the bottom end of the back zipper, grab the handle of the zipper with one hand and pull up. If the tights are two-way cables, pull the cable behind the head down until the two cables are connected. This will be done.

First, buckle the bottom of the tights like a plastic pants, and then pull it to the waist;

Hang the shackle with the hook, lift the tights, lift the abdomen and stomach fat to the chest by hand, put on the shoulder strap and fix it;

Tilt the body and push the fat that has drained to the underarm and drooped to the abdomen into the cup by hand;

After pulling on the zipper, the breasts will be presented with a beautiful drop shape, and the fat balance will be adjusted.