Tights have been integrated into every aspect of our lives

Tights have been integrated into every aspect of our lives: both the Iron Man in the movie and the tights worn by Spider-Man;

Or the cartoon character cosplay tights on the anime show;

It is still on the stage of acrobatics and jujitsu performances;

Or some dance dramas that are inconvenient to expose but have a bare effect... In these places, we actually put on tights.

Foreign avant-garde masquerade ball, or a famous brand fashion conference, will occasionally explode a lot of models that are wrapped around the whole body and walk around the stage.

Brazil's annual Rio de Janeiro Carnival and Venice's annual mask conference have outstanding performances in tights.

Tights in the erotic underwear, is a product that is unique, it is close-fitting, sexy, and full of temptation, making the tights more than just a performance dress, more humane.

Whether it is China or a foreign country, whether it is a man or a woman, tights bring us life, not just clothing. Many times, tights may be like this: it represents: art or rebellion; freedom, self-expression; closeness and sex; taste and lifestyle; dreamlike dance; curved and moving, with dangerous lure. Maybe there are more keywords in the tights to describe it, waiting for us to discover...

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