The basic skills of baseball consist of catching, passing, hitting and running

(1) catching the ball: catch the ball with both hands in place, and keep your eyes on the ball. When you catch the ball, your hands should have a backlash buffer to avoid collision and rebound.

(2) Passing the ball: Use the index finger, middle finger and thumb to hold the ball. Passing and pitching, the front foot should point to the target, pay attention to the wrist when passing out, and must finish the forward and follow-up actions after the pass. There are 3 kinds of passing postures, that is, the shoulders are uploaded, the shoulders are passed, and the shoulders are passed or the hands are passed.

(3) Batting: There are 3 methods; swinging, hitting, and pushing. When you are swiping, your hands are close together, the front elbows are off, the lower arm is flattened, the elbows should not be too close, the feet are slightly separated, and the front legs should not be too big when swinging, so as not to affect the swing.

Accuracy even hinders the next start. The strength of the swing is mainly on the back, turning, pulling the arm, and rubbing the wrist. The power is more than a straight arm swing posture, and strive to play a "home run." Another kind of safety for the base, the use of swivel wrists, arms slightly curved action, to achieve a fast, fast track, short and fast, playing a fast and straight shot. The strike method is that the hands are light and stick, and the head is slightly flat before being placed flat.

(4) Running the base: After hitting the ball, you should use the power of the swing to quickly take the first step and rush to the first base along the running line. After reaching the 1st safely, you can cross the base, but you should return immediately. When it is possible to enter the first base, you should follow the gesture of the running instructor and make a good turn to make a small bend. Use your left foot to touch the inside of the 1st base and then head to the 2nd base.

(5) Sliding barrier: It is to avoid the killing of the defending party and avoid collision with the defending team members. There are 4 kinds of postures in the sliding base: the one foot squats in front of the seat; the feet rush forward, the one foot hooks; the feet slid forward from the side of the base, and then turned over and grabbed the base; Touch the barrier. In the sliding barrier, both parties should take care to avoid collisions and spikes.

(6) Killing: When the hitter hits the high flying ball, actively run, open the glove, try to get close to the falling point of the ball, and let it fall into his gloves. When running, you should always pay attention to whether there are other players. Come to catch the ball to avoid collision. When running, you should first go to the predetermined position and open the gloves.

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