Men's club length must be 101.6 ~ 106.68 cm

The length of the men's club must be between 101.6 ~ 106.68 cm (short shot for attack) or 132.08 ~ 182.88 cm (defense long rod), the innermost position of the club head should be between 101.6 ~ 25.4 cm. When the racket is tilted 45 degrees, the ball must fall out of the net. When the racquet mouth is up and the racquet handle is parallel to the ground, the depth of the racquet head net cannot exceed the diameter of one ball. Except for the clubs used by goalkeepers. The remaining hanging length of the club head string must be less than 5 cm.

The female club has a minimum length of 90cm and a maximum length of 110cm. The goalkeeper's club is 90cm minimum and 122cm long. When the ball is in the net of the club, it must be 1/3 exposed.

The ball used in the competition must be made of solid rubber and the color can be white, yellow or orange. The ball has a circumference of 19.7-20 cm and a weight of between 142 and 149 grams. The general game ball is provided by the home team. At the end of the game, the used ball is owned by the winning team. At the same time, the home team must be equipped with players on both sides of the court and outside the line. Players must wear helmets, gloves and rackets and carry the ball for the game.

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