Lacrosse game rules

At the time of the men's competition, there were 10 players in each team (three forwards, three centers, three defenders and one goalkeeper). They played in the size of the football field. The goal was 1.8 meters high and 1.8 meters wide. The goal was still from the bottom line. There is a distance of nearly ten meters, which is similar to the venue of ice hockey. The game always maintains 6 pairs of 6 offense and defense, which requires that the defender can not enter the frontcourt and the forward can not return to the backcourt, the number must be maintained but the personnel can be exchanged. When attacking, we must exert the collective strength to match the final shot by passing, interspersed, pick-and-roll, cover and coping. The whole game is divided into four sections, each of which is 10 minutes. The athletes can change their own. After the players leave the venue via the substitution zone, they can enter the venue and enter the competition. The defensive rules allow the defender to hold the club with the glove to push the offensive player (no push back); allow the defender to use the body to hit the offensive player (no impact from behind); allow the defender to hit the club with the hand The club, hand, etc. in the offensive team's hands (no hitting the head). A foul that is generally easy to cause harm to the human body (such as hitting the head) is usually a penalty of 30-60 seconds for the foul player to be considered by the referee, while the foul player needs to be hand-held and slammed on the knee. The area is waiting for the penalty to end. Of course, due to the intense physical confrontation, the athlete's protective gear on the field has become the main guarantee for personal safety. The protective gear is mainly composed of a helmet, a shoulder protector, an elbow guard, a glove, etc., and a waist protector and an ankle guard can also be used. Although there are many similarities between online baseball and basketball football, it is a net baseball. It encourages athletes' speed and physical resistance to some extent. Example 1: When the offensive player shoots out of the bounds, there is no defender to serve, but after the shot, which player's team first runs to the position of the ball out of bounds, the ball belongs to which side. In this way, there is a high demand for the speed of the athlete; Example 2: The offensive player takes the ball near the sideline and is smashed out of the border by the defender. At this time, the ball should belong to the defensive side. This in turn promotes the collision of this sport.

Every year in June, the "Beijing Cup" International Tennis Baseball Invitational Tournament will be held at Beijing Sports University. Japan, the United States, and Hong Kong China will often send teams to Beijing to conduct exchange competitions. The Sports University once sent a delegation of 13 people to participate in the 2002 Hong Kong Tennis Baseball Invitational Tournament. However, due to the small number of teams and the high density of the game, in the last game against Hong Kong, China was tied for two goals. The score was overtaken and the game was lost. Now for various reasons, only two schools in Beijing Sports University and Dalian University of Technology are training in this project. However, because students usually use the spare time for training, there is still a certain gap between the system and the intensity of the training content, and the basic skills of the players from the competition field can be fully reflected. But in Beijing, there is also a group of people, a group of unremitting young people who are pursuing their dreams. They are always working hard for the development of tennis baseball. This group of people is us, out of the sports university's school gate, but still with the passion and dream of this project, we will develop a meager strength for the net baseball in China.

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