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If you’re looking to design your own custom team leggings, this blog explains the difference between sublimation printed vs dyed nylon tights. 

Towaysportswear dance specialist Michele has shared how the type of printing (and material) will affect the look of your teamwear, and what you need to keep in mind when choosing which tights will ultimately be best for your team uniforms.

Excitingly Towaysportswear now offer Dyed Nylon with Heat Transfer Printing. This is a brand-new printing technique to Towaysportswear and is available on a matte finish nylon lycra – a material also new to our product range – and definitely worth considering for your teamwear!

Towaysportswear is the industry leader when it comes to high impact, best value custom team leggings suitable for dance, gymnastics, calisthenics and more.

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Sublimation Printed Leggings

Many dance studios and gymnastics clubs may be familiar with sublimation printing. Here’s what you need to know…

Type: Sublimation Printed

Material: Poly spandex lycra

Finished look: Shiny

Minimum order quantity: 10


Unlimited colour choices – both the “background” colour and design are printed into the fabric

Colour consistency for repeat orders

Vibrant and durable – even after multiple washes

Low minimum orders


Some white from the base fabric may be visible when stretched over knees or bottoms

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a printing process where the material starts off white and the ink colours are fused into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric such as inkjet or screen printing. The material used is a poly spandex lycra and has a shiny look to it.

Benefits of sublimation printed tights

One of the biggest benefits of using sublimation, is colour consistency on repeat orders, the colour doesn’t fade or crack over time, as can happen with screen printing.

You can also use multiple colours in your design without incurring set up costs for each individual colour making it a great option for small order numbers.

However, when the material is stretched (i.e. across the bottom or knees) you may sometimes see some of the white from the original fabric come through the design.

Dyed Nylon Leggings with Heat Transfer Printing

Another option for your leggings is to use a fully dyed fabric with heat transfer printing.

Brand new to Towaysportswear, this material and method offers fewer colour options but won’t show any white when stretched over knees or bottoms.

Type: Dyed Nylon with Heat Transfer Printing

Material: Nylon lycra

Finished look: Matte

Minimum order quantity: 10


Cost effective when ordering 50+ pairs

Won’t show any white when stretched over knees or bottoms


Only 10 or so dyed nylon colours to choose from (the ‘background’ colour of your tights)

Printed design or logos limited to 1-2 colours

Benefits of Heat Transfer Printed Dyed Nylon

At Towaysportswear we’ve just launched a new nylon lycra with a matte finish look. It is super comfortable yet also supportive. Our clients that are not so keen on sublimation tights have loved this new fabric option!

On these leggings we use a new process called Heat Transfer Printing for your logo or design. This can be done in one or two colour prints and has great stretchability, meaning, the print won’t split when stretched.

Most importantly, being a fully dyed fabric, you won’t see any white colour coming through the design when the fabric is stretched.

But on the flipside, you will be limited with the printing area (size) and colours you use in your design.

What is the cost difference?

The cost of heat transfer printing vs sublimation printing is comparable in the smaller order numbers.

But heat transfer printing can be significantly cheaper once you are ordering 50 or more units making it a great option for the larger sized clubs looking for a cost-effective option.

Custom Team Leggings – Sublimation Printed vs Dyed Nylon

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