Common offensive tactics for baseball

- Aug 09, 2018-

Generally, it is carried out according to the tactics and tactical secrets issued by the team. The commonly used offensive tactics are:

(1) Observation: the first ball thrown by the pitcher, do not hit, to observe the action and strength of the pitcher

(2) Actively meet the first ball: achieve the purpose of attacking

(3) Hit the high ball: Prepare to sacrifice yourself to encourage the team to score.

(4) Strapping and running: that is, hitting the ball to the gap area behind the 1st base runner, so that other runners can safely enter the 2nd base or grab the 3rd base, destroying the opponent's attempt to create a double kill.

(5) Run and fight again: the runners first steal the base, and the batter then hits the ball.

(6) Strike the sacrifice to hit: The batter hits the ball to the 1st base or (3 base) with a touch, hits the ground ball and lures the defending team to “kill” the 1st base. The batter sacrifices himself and makes the same team enter the base or Return home base score

(7) 1,3 runners double stealing: making 3 base runners return to home base scoring opportunities