China's sportswear industry is currently running well

The current development of China's sportswear industry is in good condition. With the continuous expansion of China's sportswear industry operating market and export growth, China's sportswear industry will usher in a new development opportunity.

In textiles, the market for casual wear and sportswear has always been a leader in other products, which is widely favored by consumers, especially in recent years.

The product of the ability is highly praised, but only the real experts understand the meaning of the functional sportswear, such as malti-layer, onino-skin, etc., consumers need to understand the real wearing function, it is to be provided by professionals. The correct message.

Since 1994, many companies have successfully developed a range of functional fabrics based on fiber properties, such as Tactal, GORE-TEX, Lycra, Polortec fleece, etc., each with its own end-use needs, each with its own place in the market. . It also allows fiber companies to understand that the entire "fabricsystem", the end use is the fabric, not the fiber itself, this perception will prompt manufacturers to actively develop new fibers towards the top goal. The market target is clear, the higher the chance of success, the focus of the appeal, distinguishing different categories, such as age, health, national conditions, popularity, gender, etc., taking the baby boom born after 1945 as an example, currently About 50 years old, basically, they have the right to save and spend, affecting the mainstream of the market, but as the age grows, the impact of the new and old markets is growing, and no longer .

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