Hoodies Dagger Football

Hoodies Dagger Football
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toway custom hoodies are handmade in the CHINA. Each hoodie is custom designed and manufactured for your team. Find a design you like and we’ll customize it with your colors, logos and slogans. Every product comes with a custom name and number standard in the pricing.


What if I need an order fast?

We do  typically accept RUSH orders. There are several moving parts within our production process, and are not keen on compromising quality for time restraint. We can tag orders for priority, however, no guarantees on delivery within our given turn time.

What is the fastest method?

You are able to pay your invoice online. Credit cards or checks can be entered directly into the invoice for payment. Once the monies have been processed, we can send your order to the production team.

Do I have to pay in full before receiving my order?

Yes. We understand your hesitation, especially with large orders at high cost. We make everything on demand, so without payment or promise of payment (PO) up front, we won’t be able to make anything for you. We are happy to provide client references to you if that would help ease some of your uncertainty.


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